fmt.Println('Hello world!')

Hi there! First things first, I’m going to introduce myself.

I am Angelo Fallaria, and I work as a software engineer. As of writing, I am 19 years old. I swear by Neovim to edit my code. Linux is my full-time operating system. I use Artix btw

Golang has become my favorite language due to its simplicity and speed. I studied Spanish back in 2020, but I wouldn’t say I’m still good at it.

In this blog, I want to express my thoughts and ideas about tech and software development. I want to detail the processes I go through building software, and elaborate how I use my tools.

I’ve wanted to set up a blog for a while. However, I was clueless on how to make a blog and indecisive over which tech to use. I finally decided to use Astro to build this blog.

This is my first ever blog post. Thanks for reading!